La Célébrante 375e, a new partnership for PROMIS and the microbrewery Brasseurs du Monde.

La Célébrante 375e, a new partnership for PROMIS and the microbrewery Brasseurs du Monde.

La Célébrante 375e, a new partnership for PROMIS and microbrewery les Brasseurs du Monde.

Wanting to take part in the festivities of Montreal’s 375th anniversary, PROMIS and the microbrewery les Brasseurs du Monde have come together to present you a very special beer : la Célébrante — 375e. In an effort to highlight the contribution of immigrants to Montreal’s development over the centuries, 25¢ will be given to the organisation PROMIS, which comes to the aid of immigrants and refugees arriving to the Montreal metropolis.

It is with courage at perserverance that Maisonneuve and his peers founded Montreal on the site of the Iroquois village of Hochelaga 375 years ago. The contribution of immigrants from around the world ever since has made Montreal a thriving, vibrant and cosmopolitan metropolis. To celebrate the 375 years of Montreal, here is la Célébrante— 375e!

A light blonde beer with champagne yeasts, la Célébrante is slightly bitter and offers flavors of honey, pear, orange, and lemon.

“For the Brasseurs du Monde team, it is essential to contribute to the community. We felt compelled by the mission of PROMIS, and it is an honor to collaborate with them,” declared Gilles Dubé, president-director general of Brasseurs du Monde. “We invite all lovers of beer to discover this celebratory beer while simultaneously doing a good deed.”

For his part, our director-general Delfino Campanile  De son côté, notre directeur général, Delfino Campanile said he was very pleased with this initiative. “We are constantly looking for partners to accompany us in our mission, and it is a pleasure to work with Brasseurs du Monde.”

Les Brasseurs du Monde.
Founded in 2011, Brasseurs du Monde has seen constant growth since its beginnings and is now considered an emerging high-quality player on both the local and international brewing scenes. Their brews range from thirst-quenching beers, developed for the general public, to strong and flavorful beers inspired by brewing traditions of the world and appreciated by a growing number of consumers. Their beers are 100% naturals, coming from malted barley, supplemented occasionally by specific, always natural, ingredients which can achieve a desired style or a particular taste. Since 2011, Brasseurs du Monde has won 53 medals in the largest international competitions, earning them a place among the best microbreweries in Quebec.

La Célébrante — 375e is available in Quebec in 500 ml format at all outlets. To find your nearest outlet, check out the Brasseurs du Monde website :


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