Winter and Spring 2018 Delivery Calendar – SÉSAME Boxes & Bread Counter

Delivery Calendar – SÉSAME Boxes & Bread Counter

Here is the winter and spring calendar for SÉSAME boxes from PROMIS’ Community Food Action.

– SÉSAME boxes, our buying group purchases fruits and vegetables at a fair price.

SÉSAME fruit and vegetable boxes are a community non-profit initiative une initiative communautaire which brings together groups of participants to buy fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price. SÉSAME boxes enale families to save 30-40% on their grocery bill.

PROMIS’ Community Food Action offers two deliveries per month – use our calendar to know when you can come pick up your fruits and vegetables!

To find out how to register for the service, click here.

Here is the winter and spring calendar for PROMIS’ Community Food Action Bread Counter.

The collective garden will start back up in the spring – watch for details!

Gardening sessions with Laurence Fauteux will be back in April.


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