In 1988, the organization was created and given the name PROMIS, which stands for: promotion – integration – new society. PROMIS is an initiative by Andrée Menard, a missionary sister of the Immaculate Conception, and by three young immigrants involved in the project to help new immigrants in the difficult process of adapting to their host society.

On January 17, 1989, thanks to the first board of directors made up of five members, the organization was officially founded and received its letters patent. Since then, PROMIS has been gradually developing its services according to the many needs of its immigrant clientele.

Maria-Goretti Residence

Since 1953, the Maria-Goretti Residence has offered short-, medium-, and long-term stays—depending on the needs of women from here and abroad—in a safe and friendly environment.

Today, this PROMIS lodging service includes 220 rooms spread across five floors.

Maria-Goretti Residence

Lodging service with 220 rooms for women ages 18+ who are active on the job market or in school.

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