Get involved in our living lab initiative!

The PROMIS team is pleased to announce that registrations for the PROMIS living lab are now open!

In order to promote entrepreneurship among immigrants in Quebec, PROMIS is launching an action-research project aimed at developing an innovative model of support for immigrant entrepreneurs in Quebec. This research will be carried out with the implementation of a living lab, an experimental framework where users participate in and co-create innovative solutions to contemporary issues.

To learn more about the living lab, check out our blog post on this topic!

Thus, we are looking for immigrants who want to start a business or who already are in business, to prototype and test a program of support for entrepreneurs.

Your participation in this research could be an opportunity for you to:

  • Improve your entrepreneurial skills and develop your network of contacts. Your participation in this research is an opportunity to express yourself on the significance and limits of the living lab approach for immigrant entrepreneurs.
  • Contribute to the identification of the main obstacles to immigrant entrepreneurship and possible solutions to cope with and contribute to the creation of tools to better guide and support immigrant entrepreneurs in Montreal and the whole province.

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The living lab background

Immigration and entrepreneurship

Immigrant entrepreneurship in Quebec and Montreal, as elsewhere in the world, is generally the result of their resilience to obstacles to their professional integration. Present at the beginning of their careers as well as at the stage of their professional progression, these obstacles (high unemployment rate, low incomes, dequalification, etc.) “drive” many immigrants to opt for entrepreneurship, as an alternative way of finding work to paid employment. As such, entrepreneurship stems from a need, which, nevertheless, can bring benefits in terms of socio-economic integration of immigrants and economic development of Montreal and the whole province, for social inclusion and collective well-being.

With this aim in mind, it is necessary for immigrants to be properly guided and supported. However, while many immigrants living in Montreal intend to go into business (38.5%), compared to 25.7% of the rest of the Island’s population, the percentage of those who concretize their intentions, by effectively taking all the necessary steps, is still very limited (17.2%). It is therefore necessary that the entrepreneurial ecosystem adapts to the needs of immigrants to allow the full development of entrepreneurial potential.

Meet the researchers

Get involved in our living lab initiative!

To participate in this action research, you must meet one of the following criteria:
  • You are a permanent resident;
  • You are a 1st generation immigrant who has obtained your Canadian citizenship status; or
  • You are a foreign student

Why a living lab at PROMIS

In this spirit, an experimental action-research project on entrepreneurship as a mean of socio-professional integration of immigrants was initiated by the Institute of Research on the Professional Integration of Immigrants (IRIPI) of Collège de Maisonneuve, in collaboration with PROMIS and the key players in Montreal’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in Montreal, notably the Montreal Mid-East SME Network, the Island of Montreal Social Economy Council (CESIM), the Conseil emploi métropole (CEM) and the Community Association of Montreal Loan (ACEM Microcrédit Montreal). The project is funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) under the College and Community Innovation Program.

The main objective of the project is to support the PROMIS organization in the development of an innovative service chain in support of immigrant entrepreneurs, while modifying current unsuitable practices, as highlighted by the difference between the intention rate and the gait rate of immigrants. To do this, a living lab collaborative space (living laboratory) will be implemented and all stakeholders (immigrants and ecosystem players) will participate in the creation of innovative practices fostering the support of immigrants to entrepreneurship.

Your participation

As a client of PROMIS, we invite you to participate in this research. Your participation consists of being part of a cohort of aspiring entrepreneurs who will meet at PROMIS to experiment with the use of the living lab approach.

With a maximum duration of 12 months (April 2019 – March 2020), your commitment will take two forms:

  • On the one hand, attend the activities (between 9 and 12) of awareness, training and networking proposed by the project partners (SME-Montreal, Social Economy Council of the Island of Montreal, ACEM microcrédit Montreal).
  • On the other hand, take part in an individual interview of about 60 minutes with a member of the research team and / or an immigrant focus group. It is important to point out that accepting to participate in a focus group does not commit you to an interview, and vice versa. Both activities are independent. In any case, the data will be collected and processed anonymously. Please be assured that your remarkss will remain completely confidential and will only be used by the researchers in this project.

Participation in this project is on a voluntary basis. You are entirely free to participate or not and withdraw at any time without having to explain your decision or suffer any inconvenience of any kind. Also, it should be noted that no monetary compensation will be granted for your participation.

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