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If you are a refugee accepted by Canada and Quebec, you have the right to the same services as a permanent resident!

Receive the necessary guidance in finding available programs and services. We even offer personalized support.

PROMIS also offers part-time French courses in the morning, afternoon, and evening through the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion.

Furthermore, we offer professional support to adults in their job search and guide them through the process of prior learning assessment, career transition, and job training.

Would you like to settle in a non-metropolitan area or develop a business plan there? We have just the thing: a strong network of established partners everywhere in Quebec. We can rely on this network to familiarize you with the province’s 15 regions (outside the Greater Montreal area).

Come meet our advisors: attend information sessions on life outside the city or learn which institution can provide you with the necessary job training to meet labour demands in non-metropolitan Quebec.

Learning knows no limits! Register your children at the PROMIS summer camp so they can enjoy rewarding experiences in a fun, safe environment.

Benefit from family support services for unique needs related to your family life.

Learn about food action organized by PROMIS and benefit from discounted fresh fruit and vegetable baskets, the weekly bread counter, and the community garden all summer long, in addition to year-round community kitchen workshops.

If you are a woman age 18 or older, you can live at the Maria-Goretti Residence with one of our custom stays to meet your needs. Visit our website for more information.

IMPORTANT: If you are an asylum seeker in Canada, you can contact us to better understand your options and recourses. Although there are limits on access to certain public services, you have several community services at your disposal, including some of those offered by PROMIS.

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Maria-Goretti Residence

Lodging service with 220 rooms for women ages 18+ who are active on the job market or in school.

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Have a question?

Ask it here. An advisor will answer you shortly.

I would like to be notified about services offered by PROMIS.

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