This year, PROMIS and the Maria-Goretti Residence celebrated respectively 30 and 65 years of activities.

Everything you need under one roof

From one-on-one consultations to group information sessions, all of our integration support services for new immigrants are 100% free. Geared towards both individuals and families, our services focus on eight key areas:

  1. Welcome and integration;
  2. French courses;
  3. Employment assistance;
  4. Settling in the regions of Quebec;
  5. Academic support;
  6. Family support;
  7. Food action;
  8. Lodging.

PROMIS also offers tailored services for employers.

As we pursue our mission to help immigrants succeed, the PROMIS team upholds the following values: autonomy, respect for our differences, mutual support, and solidarity.



To help immigrants and refugees successfully integrate into Quebec society so they can enrich its development to the fullest extent.


In the next 5 years, we want to become the leading provider of services for immigrants and be recognized as the best organization in our field within Quebec.


– Excellence To us, excellence is reflected in the quality of the services we provide to our clients and the professionalism we demonstrate towards each and every individual. It represents our desire to be rigorous in our work and get inspired by best practices in order to continuously improve.

– Innovation To us, innovation means questioning traditional approaches, exploring different ways to solve a problem with an eye towards creativity, and finding solutions that are flexible and adaptable – all while respecting the appropriate professional and organizational standards.

– Respect To us, respect represents the feeling and action of being considerate towards someone else, which leads us to treat them with special care and attention. Therefore, if we want to treat others with respect, we will need to act accordingly.

– Commitment To us, commitment means dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of successfully integrating immigrants into Quebec society. PROMIS offers the best possible support and sets itself apart with its customer service. Our commitment is also expressed through transparency, integrity, and acting responsibly when interfacing with our clients.

– Inclusion To us, inclusion means anticipating, valuing, and supporting each person’s diversity. It means being open-minded, having a respectful attitude, and creating conditions that protect human dignity and individual autonomy, enabling them to make informed choices and contribute to enriching their environment.

Multilingual services

In addition to Quebec’s two official languages (French and English) our advisors are able to serve new immigrants in Arabic, Creole, Croatian, Bosnian, Farsi, German, Spanish, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Serbian.

Maria-Goretti Residence

Lodging service with 220 rooms for women 18+ who are actively seeking employment or pursuing their studies.

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