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PROMIS has been helping immigrants and their families for more than 30 years.

Our support services are completely free and our advisors can serve you in a number of languages. In addition to our personalized advisory services, PROMIS will give you access to webinars, workshops, information sessions, and lectures that address a wide range of topics related to Quebec culture and integration for newcomers.

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PROMIS is an immigrant and refugee support organization in Montreal

PROMIS is a nonprofit organization located in Montreal’s Côte-Des-Neiges neighbourhood. We help immigrants, refugees, and their families with their cultural, social, and professional integration into Quebec society.

Organization mandated and funded by the Government of Quebec

Discover our services:

Welcome and integration

Our advisors provide personalized support to help you and your family integrate into Quebec society.



Mastering Quebec’s official language is an essential part of finding fulfillment at work and enjoying everyday life in our province. Our free courses are recognized by the government and offered for all levels.


Family support

Our team frequently organizes recreational outings and activities to help families fully immerse themselves in Quebec culture. We also offer individualized support based on each family’s needs.


Academic support

School plays a key role in the integration process for young immigrants. PROMIS offers academic support for elementary-aged children and high school students.


Employment assistance

Our employment assistance service will walk you through each step as you prepare to enter the local job market. Our team has a solid network of partners that can help us meet your needs.


Food action

Our community garden and workshops allow you to grow fruits and vegetables while expanding your recipe repertoire. You can also order affordably-priced boxes of fresh fruits and veggies!


Settling in the regions of Quebec

Our team regularly organizes exploratory trips to various non-metropolitan areas of Quebec, so you can confidently choose where to settle down. Our advisors also provide personalized support to help you start a project or business.


Maria-Goretti Residence for women

Located in the heart of Montreal, the Maria-Goretti Residence welcomes women of all ages and backgrounds for short- and long-term stays. The residence offers various room options depending on your budget and needs.


Blog posts for immigrants and refugees





Step into Luciana’s world: the story of a newcomer

Maria-Goretti Residence

Lodging service with 220 rooms for women 18+ who are actively seeking employment or pursuing their studies.

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